Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Black Spot by Chris Wood- Dec 21st, 2011

A Black Spot- (We have not had electricity much, 6 hours only a day while we are asleep from 12-6AM, so this is late & my wife hasn't had time to add any blogs)

Dec. 21st, 2011 The day after the murder, I went back to see if he was still there. I found, not a lifeless & horrific murdered body with a sheet atop it, but merely a small insignificant black spot where his body had been. No one stood around the spot as before. No one noticed it, pointed to it, or talked about it. There was no sign from relatives with a photo or a cross & flowers to bereave their loved one. CONT'D

Every person including my translator, seemed confused by me even inspecting what was to them an insignificant piece of ground with an utterly unremarkable black spot, no different than thousands of other such burn spots all over this city teeming with people. In our small city, at least for awhile, people would have come to look, stood around & talked about it or took photos, but here it was just the previous resting place of another not all-together shocking murder. There was no investigation, no inquiry, no mass questioning. It was merely accepted as normal, just another of life's little annoyances that someone had taken care of, like a dead dog on the highway, so that they need not concern themselves anymore & so that they could return to their normal lives pursuing their previous goals with not so much as a thought to question the certainty, length, or meaning of their own lives.

No human even cared anymore about that one day old news, not a single soul, only me. I did not weep openly, but inside I was heartbroken. For me, that black spot was a symbol of a world without compassion, a nation without God. Not that God isn't available, but just as scripture says, "Therefore, remember that in the past you were that time you were without Christ...having no hope, and without God in the world." Eph 2:11-12 (abbreviated) The names of God & Jesus are written on most buildings & public vehicles here in Haiti, but only what is written in the heart matters. On Sundays, the greatest number of church-going Haitian men who live here, go to their services & worship God, considering themselves fit for God & heaven & afterwards visit their girlfriends (or mistresses) & spend time with their illicit children with never even the slightest thought of a need for repentance.

There will be justice for that man, for his killers, & for every person, God's perfectly just but unbending justice. And without a belief in the sacrifice of Christ that comes with a life of corresponding holy fruit to crown it as genuine, our fate will be an eternal fire & our names also will be forgotten forever, with not even a black spot to mark the useless lives we have lived. Will you resolve to lose 10 pounds this year, or keep your car clean, or not bite your fingernails or will you get on your knees before a holy God & offer him your faith & life & future? Precious in the sight of God is the death of His saints"! What a difference knowing him makes! For he is coming for a bride that has neither spot nor wrinkle nor any such thing, but for a glorious church, where every member is holy & without blemish. (Eph 5:27)

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  1. Thank you for this post. I've linked to it from my blog. We need to wake up!